10 Best Toy Ideas & Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

The Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys
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When your boy hits 2 years old, he’ll be bouncing off the walls with energy and interest in everything around him. You’re going to need to keep him busy and make his childhood as good as it can possibly be, with art easels, sand pits and peg toys. Our list of the top 9 best gifts for 2 year old boys will give you the chance to do just that, so read on and find your perfect present right now!

Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys

PictureToy ManufacturerRequires Assembly?PriceOur Rating

Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel
Yes (Paint, paper, etc.)$$4.9
Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center
Yes (Water, Sand)$$4.8

Little Tikes I'm an Artist StationYes (Paint, 3AA batteries)$$4.75

Step2 Easy Steer SportsterYes (Instructions included)$$4.7

Wonderworld Creative Gravity Play! Trix Tracks Safari TrackYes$4.65

My Big Day Quiet Book By Curious ColumbusNo$4.6

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle
Stella My Little Pet Plush Puppy with Star Projector
Yes (2 AA Batteries)$4.5

Guide To Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys

The terrible two’s, how all parents dread them. However with the right toy, you can keep your toddler entertained and amused for hours. Two year olds have a lot of energy, help them use that energy to learn, grow and develop mentally and physically with a great toy or two. At this age you baby is walking around with confidence and it is now that you can help them unleash their creativity and sense of independence.

Educational toys are great for this age category, books, puzzles and gardening or kitchen toys are perfect for this age group. We know that parents have a lot of doubt over what to give their children for gifts, they don’t want something that the child will not like after a few days, or something that could be a hazard to their child. So we answer some of your questions to set you mind at ease.

What are the Best Gifts for 2 year old boys?

Again you have different categories of toys here. You have the educational toys that encourage art or literacy. You have the toys that allow your child to unleash their imagination and then you have those that allow them to develop physically and mentally. Play time is where you child learns how to be confident, assertive and imaginative. This is the most important part of their day, playtime, and the right toy will make all the difference in your child’s development.

Literacy and Art – In this category of toys there is a wide variety to choose from. Developing their creativity is key here. Using a toy such as the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel allows your child to develop their creativity when drawing, or their imagination when playing “teacher, teacher”. Not only do they get to draw on the board, they can also clip up their own artwork on the multitude of fun clips provided. Books are also a great gift here, ones with lots of pictures and tactile pages are the best.

Role Play – These are the toys you will get to stimulate your childs emotional, social development as well as developing their creativity. At this age you child is full of ideas, they learn by everything they see or hear and being able to act out their feelings, allows them to explore those feelings at the same time. It also gives them some idea of what they like and do not like and allows them to explore their talents.

A toy such as the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen is the perfect gift for your two year old. Children like to mimic adults, so let them cook with you and prepare the evening meal, they will love it and you get to spend some quality time with them while doing your chores.

Kinetic Toys – These toys not only develop mental acuity, but also fine and gross motor skills. A toy such as the Wonderworld Trix Tracks Safari Track challenges your toddler to invent their own way of getting the balls to roll down. Creativity and mental agility are what you are looking to develop with these types of toys. Building blocks, lego or even Wooden Train Sets are all perfect for this category of educational toys for two year olds. Many of these toys will last long after they have passed the terrible two so are great value for money too.

Puzzles – What can you say about puzzles, they are fun, challenging and help to develop fine motor skills at the same time. Melissa and Doug toys are well known for their educational qulaities as well as the high quality of build. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle is no exception to this rule. Help you child improve not only their fine motor skills, but also numeracy and literacy at the same time.

Tactile Play – This is important for your child from one year to four year old and sometimes even longer. Touching is a way that children learn and they will touch everything, loving the way it feels as much as the way it looks. Your two year old will love the Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center which is also a role play toy. This great toy will not only develop physical skills, but also social skills during group play.

You can also progress to using play-doh or letting them explore doing home experiments with non-Newtonian fluid, which is completely natural and safe, being made from corn starch and water.

Physical Play – This is an important kind of play for your two year old as they start to become more independent. The Step2 Easy Steer Sportster is a great toy that will help them to unleash their imaginations as well as help to feel independent. This kind of toy will also develop their physical prowess, keeping them physically active and draining some of that excess energy.

Are These Toys safe for 2 year Olds?

All of the toys that we have listed are rated completely safe for two years and up. They are also not gender specific toys. Of course, there are always dangers when children play. The risk of falling, or using the toys in a destructive way is always a possibility. However if you supervise your baby as they play, or better yet, play with them, then the risk is extremely minimal.

At this age your child has also not outgrown the need to taste everything as this is one of their most used senses. You will find that they are still putting most things in their mouths, so when they play with peg puzzles or other toys such as lego with small parts, it is best to keep a sharp eye on them.

Discipline and respect for property goes a long way in ensuring that your child is safe when they are playing. Also you need to ensure that they learn to share the fun and the cleaning up, so by encouraging your 2 year old to share their toys, and by the same token, share the cleaning up after play, they will start to understand that sharing can be as much, if not more fun than playing alone.

Best Value For Money Toy For 2 Year Old Boys?

A toy that will last beyond the first month after you get it and does not cost a fortune are the best. Boys are generally easy to buy for, a car, a truck or anything that moves is always well received. The Wonderworld Creative Gravity Play! Trix Tracks Safari Track is the perfect gift for your two year old boy. Not only will it help with mental acuity when they figure out how to arrange the tracks, it can also be a very sociable game when you race against a friend.

It is durable being made from wood and boys of all ages will love it, even your husband. We loved giving you the rundown on “The Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys to Give Them A Head Start” as we, like you, love to see children playing, sharing and learning. If you loved our article, please rate it and share with your friends.

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