The Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls That Are Fun and Educational

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Give Your Children The Best Christmas This Year

Every 1 year old girl needs to be spoilt with the best gifts on the market, so it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your own daughter or for a friend, you simply have to check out these fantastic presents we’ve pulled together. We’ve got so many different kinds of educational and exciting toys that will not only give your toddler hours of fun but also develop their brains in the best way possible. Learning through play will be the best gift you can give this year, so don’t hesitate: buy one of these best gifts for 1 year old girls right now while stocks last!

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

PictureToy ManufacturerBattery Operated?PriceOur Rating
LeapFrog Discovery Ball
Yes (3 AA Included)$$$5
Eastern Jungle Gym High Back Full Bucket SwingNo$$4.95

Step2 Play and Store SandboxNo$$4.9

Step2 Sportstastic Activity CTR

Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Yes (2 AA Included)$$4.7
Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin' Pals

Melissa & Doug Dump Truck Kid's Toy

VTech Light and Move Learning Ball
Yes (4 AA Not Included)$4.5

Guide to Buying Gifts for a 1 Year Old Girl

To play is to learn, that is a fundamental fact and when you allow you child the freedom to play and give them the tools to be able to develop as they play, you are investing in their future as well as giving them enjoyment in the present. No matter what toy or game you give you child, there are lessons to be learnt by them as they play.

Unlocking your child’s creativity and helping them to develop fine and gross motor skills are what you are looking for in a toy for 1 year olds. No matter what type of toy you are looking for we have a great selection for you.

What are good Gifts for a 1 year Old?

This is a great question. One year olds are not quite toddlers but are well on their way and their sense of wonder and curiosity are plain to see. At this stage of their development, they are very tactile, they love to touch and feel everything, they are also in the process of flexing their muscles and learning how to use them, so toys that enable them to develop these muscles in the arms and legs as well as core strength are always a good idea.

There are two main categories of toys you can go for when shopping for you one year old. Those that encourage movement and develop motor skills both fine and gross. Then there are those that encourage mental development including recognition of colors, sounds and more. We take a look at these and what kind of toys are available.

Movement & Gross Motor Skill Development

Physical Play: These are usually toys that challenge the one year old to stretch their muscles, developing their core strength as well as their gross motor skills. It will also help them with their coordination. These are toys such as balls, swings, and basic gyms.

Pull / Push: These are toys that allow your one year old to be more mobile. Whether it is a push toy that they can lean on as they take their first assisted steps, or a walking ring to allow them to zoom around the room, using their legs to propel themselves. These toys will help you child develop physically while also giving them a sense of adventure. Pull toys are also great, such as the little walking dogs.

Fine Motor and Mental Skill Development

Tactile: These toys include any and all sensory toys that enable your one year old to use their senses such as touch, sight and smell. Kitchen toys are a great tactile gift, as they can use different ingredients with different smells and feel from squishy to hard. Sandpits, water toys and also paints and play dough all fall into this category.

Sorters / Poppers: These toys help your child develop mentally. They allow them to explore different sounds, sounds and include touch as well. One of the best toys in the sorter category is the Melissa and Doug Dump Truck, which doubles as a push toy. Blocks are also a great option here, helping to recognize shapes, sizes and colors.

The other toys in this category are the poppers. These are the toys with lights and sounds where your child pushes a button to get a reaction. Play tables are great here as they often have pop out animals if you press the right button, music, sounds and of course lights which will amaze and amuse your one year old.

Musical Instruments: These are always a winner and something that you and your child can do together, or they can do with their siblings. It not only helps them to develop their fine motor, but can be used for gross motor as well as mental stimulation. Music involves maths, movement and hand-eye coordination all of which gets your child moving and thinking at the same time. A great gift for any one year old if you can stand the noise.

Are These toys safe for a 1 year Old?

Most if not all toys do have a warning label on them stipulating at what age they can play with them, it is always good to keep an eye on your child when they play, especially at such a young age. Remembering that everything at this age tends to end up in the mouth so toys with small parts or that are constructed from toxic materials are never a good idea. In saying that all of the toys on our list are age appropriate from 12 years and up.

They are designed to a very high quality and are engineered with the one year old in mind. So you will not find small pieces that can easily be swallowed accidently. None of them are made with toxic materials and they are not easily broken. If you are still concerned, you can take a look at the guidelines on the guidelines from the United States CPSC website.

This website gives you an insight into toy safety. The best way to ensure you child’s safety as they play is to play with them, sit with them and watch them play or participate, they will love your attention and you will cherish those special moments.

Can These toys be Given to Older Children?

Any of the toys that your one year old plays with can be used by older children. Toddlers up to the age of 3 will benefit from any of the toys on our list, although some of the toys are a little basic for the older children and they may lose interest quickly. However, all children love toys that light up and play music. If you get your child some play dough, jelly or even a sand pit, your older children will love playing with it.

Books are also a great toy for babies, especially those that make noises and have different textures on the pages, both young and old will love this kind of gift. Older children and toddlers prefer the language and physical based toys so play tables, music instruments and the like will also hold their attention.

Another of the toys that tend to catch the attention of the older toddler are the building blocks and push/pull toys. However sorters and simpler toys that are easily mastered will not last very long, as soon as your child gets the hang of them, they will move on to something new and more exiting.