The Best Gel Eyeliners To Make Your Eyes Pop

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Go Bold On The Eyes With This Impressive Collection of Gel Eyeliners

Makeup is something that is truly fascinating to a young woman – they will start experimenting from a very young age, and it can be so overwhelming as there seems to be so many techniques and rules depending on what look is to be achieved. Eyeliner is a technique used by anyone old enough to wear makeup, and you can’t go to a red carpet without seeing close to every single celebrity (even the males) with some form of eyeliner on. Gel eyeliner is the best for getting a dramatic look, and it is so easy to apply (unlike pencil or liquid). So here is a list of the best gel eyeliners on the market to really make your eyes pop.

Gel Eyeliner Buying Guide

It might seem like a simple beauty item but there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a gel eyeliner. There are various types such as liquid gel eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, gel eyeliners as well as eyeshadow eyeliners. The kind of eyeliner that you choose will define your look as well as the ease of the application process. Do you, for example, prefer a bold and intense look or gentler look?

If you are grappling with finding the best gel eyeliners for your needs, we are here to make the process as easy as possible for you while helping you find your perfect gel eyeliner accessory. Here is a breakdown on the main types of gel eyeliners:-

Liquid eyeliners: If you love that feline winged liner look, then you should go for the liquid eyeliners. They can be packaged in a tube along with a thin brush for application but sometimes, the tube comes with a fine-tipped marker to be used in application. Liquid eyeliners will be ideal for you if you are after that slick flick with precise lines. They give a very bold look.

The drawback with these kinds of gel eyeliners is the difficulty with application as the tip is not easily controllable. Applying these requires a steadier hand as well as some patience. They are, certainly, not recommended for beginners. If you are just starting out with the gel eyeliners, give the pencil eyeliners a go. Slowly, you can move towards liquid eyeliners as you master the art and start creating that killer feline look!

Pencil eyeliners: The pencil eyeliner will give you a smoky eye look and is perfect for you if you are just plunging yourself into the eyeliner game. Unlike the liquid eyeliners, they don’t require very precise strokes are, thus, relatively easier to apply since they are easier to control. The mode of operation is same as that of any other eye pencil but they are gentler and safer to use on your eyes. The pencil eyeliners need to be sharpened in order to get a good result. However, no amount of sharpening will give you the level of precision that you will typically get with the liquid eyeliners. That is why these are generally preferred for beginners who will slowly graduate to the high precision gel eyeliners or for those who are just after that smoky eye look. The advantage, however, is the ease with which you can apply it.  The eye pencils are available in a broad array of colours. When you are purchasing these, make sure that you are picking one that has been ophthalmologist tested and which is proven to be safe.

Gel Eyeliners: This is perfect eyeliner for the smoky eye look. The gel eyeliner is packaged in a pot and can be applied to the eyes with a fine-tipped brush for a clean line. It is a thick creamy formula that you can manipulate with relative ease in order to obtain a desired look. It is fairly easy to smudge, thanks to the creaminess and it doesn’t create discomfort on your eyelids. The drawback with this is it does not dry faster enough and can also move a bit. Before applying, ensure that your eyes are well primed and try not to blink for some seconds after you have applied.

Eyeshadow Eyeliners: When it comes to the eyeliner application, you could choose to go with an intensely bold look or something softer and gentler. If you are looking for the latter, then the eyeshadow eyeliner is for you. The main advantage with eyeshadow is that it is quite faster while still giving you a super-polished look. Application can be done via a small pencil brush or angled brush which can be used in drawing a smudge on the lash line or in choosing a preferred eyeshadow. It is not as long lasting as the liquid or gel eyeliners but good for daytime. You also have a vast array of colours that you can pick from!

Is the gel eyeliner smudge proof?

Whether you prefer a bold smoky look or something gentler or subtler, a smudge or smear could ruin everything! Neither do many women like applying a dried out pencil on their eyes. Many women will, thus go far the liquid or gel eyeliners and you need to make sure it will have good staying power and keep the clean lines, especially for the crispy feline look.

Does the product come with a brush?

An application brush is an integral part of any gel eyeliner. When purchasing one, determine whether the product has a brush that you can use to make those straight lines.

What colors are available?

Some of the gel eyeliners come with a color palette while others are only available in black. Based on your unique needs, ascertain this before making a purchase.

Gel eyeliners are a must have in any self-respecting makeup lover’s makeup bag, and with so many different quality liners on the market, there is no excuse for boring eyes. Gel liners are preferred over standard liners for many reasons, one of which being the easy application, and they tend to go on very smoothly. No more racoon eyes or looking like your 7-year old sister applied your eye makeup with her eyes closed. Whether you are after a long lasting, waterproof or colored gel liner (or all of the above), there will be the perfect liner for you on this list of the best sellers.