Our Top Picks of the Best Face Lotions for Women

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The Face Lotions Every Woman Should Own

As a woman in the Twenty-First Century, you cannot look anywhere without a constant barrage of advertisements telling you to moisturize daily and lather your face and body in this and that. It can be hard to look past it all and find exactly the face lotions for women which are most suitable for arguably the most important part of your body – your face. Your face is the first thing people notice, so you really want your skin to shine.

Lotions and creams are the most common moisturizing tools, but what is the difference? Basically lotions are water based (oil mixed in water), and creams are the opposite (water mixed in oil). Lotions tend to be easier for dry and problematic skin to absorb due to their high water content, so if you feel that a lotion is best for you, see below for the top 9 best face lotions for women!

As women, we all know the importance of a morning and night time face beauty routine. However, with so many different products all promising to be the best thing since waterproof mascara (is there such a thing), it can be difficult to know exactly what is best for you.

There is no denying that a facial lotion is effective for all skin types and ages, so hopefully this review of the best lotions for women can give you some inspiration and help you make an informed decision and get the most out of your skin.