Best CPAP Machine Reviews for 2019

best overall rating
  • Compact size.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Automatically adjusts to the required level.
premium choice rating
  • Auto CPAP.
  • Includes the humidifier in the package.
  • After sales support.

With technology ever advancing, the world is also facing an increase in the number of diseases and medical issues and disorders. One of such issues faced by many people today is the ‘central sleep apnea’. This is one disorder that affects the breathing rate of the patient while sleeping. This affects the flow of oxygen to the vital organs of the body and if not treated or referred to the doctor, may lead to severe consequences.

The CPAP machine is a device that has been manufactured to help all the people suffering from the Obstructive Sleep apnea or OSA, to help them sleep peacefully at night. There are various types and advanced devices one can choose from today, complete with different features and accessories. The question of which makes the best travel CPAP machine, yet, is very difficult to answer.

The needs and requirements of each patient vary significantly, hence, one type or model of the CPAP machine can never be ideal and perfect fit for all. Let’s have a look at our selected top ten best CPAP machines, with their detailed features, along with the pros and cons, to help you decide which one to bring home.

Our Top Picks for the Best CPAP Machine of 2019

best overall rating

1. Apex Medical XT Auto CPAP Machine

XT Auto Machine


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The top pick of the lot, the Apex Medical CPAP machine is automatic and adjusts the pressure to provide a smooth blow as required by the body. This feature is the best, as our body's needs may vary from every day, depending on our activities, hobbies and the day's events.

So, however, the breathing rate is in the night, the machine automatically adjusts the pressure.

Depending on a whole lot of factors like drinking, smoking, fatigue, etc. the requirement changes and so, the machine adjusts and blows at the optimal speed and pressure. If required you can also set the pressure at a normal mid-ranged level and then let it go above or below to adjust to the needs accordingly.

It may take some time to get used to it and for getting the settings right, but once you make it through, it will provide immense relief and deep comfort all night. It is also quite compact in size and can be taken wherever you want with ease.

Also a good travel partner, with its silent functioning, it does not irritate others in the room. So if you are looking for a small-sized auto CPAP machine, that is not just effective and comfortable but also quiet, then you mustn't let this one go.

This happens to be the top pick of most apnoea patients and CPAP users. The device is very portable, durable and also convenient to be used. The auto adjusting ability further makes it suitable for OSA sufferers as it adjusts automatically to the required breathing rate.

Why We Like It
  • Compact size.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Automatically adjusts to the required level.
  • Durable.
premium choice rating

2. XT-AutoCPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier



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Our premium recommendation, the XT Auto CPAP machine is the best travel companion that can be. With its small size, it is portable, light and can easily fit into the small luggage bag. It works silently and is ideal to keep even if you have a roommate you wish not to disturb by any noise in the night.

Moreover, it also has an internal power supply that makes it perfect for traveling and using in areas where you cannot carry a separate adapter or external equipment. Moreover, it also has the humidifier included as part of the package, but you always have the option of using the CPAP machine without it.

The power supply is also universal so as not to cause any issues when taken to other places. It is one of the smallest machines you will find in the markets

The customer support is available, and can also be directly availed on phone by placing a request. The auto-CPAP adjusts to the required pressure level by itself and does not require any intervention by the client. Easy to start and set, no matter where you go, this is a quality product that won't disappoint you. The product is premium priced, but with the humidifier, size, and functionality, it is worth it.

A high-quality device, which is a great travel partner. The compact size makes it easy to fit your bags and the weight allows it to be carried anywhere you wish to go. The humidifier is also included in the package but of course, can always be left at home while traveling.

Why We Like It
  • Auto CPAP.
  • Includes the humidifier in the package.
  • After sales support.
  • Quiet Operation.
great value rating

3. SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine with ResMed AirSense 10 Adapter



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The SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizing machine come with the complete package. It includes the airsense 10 adapter, the daily sanitizer for the equipment and also indicator lights.

It is FDA registered and safe and effective for use. The device is backed by the claim that it can kill 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses without the use of any chemicals. It is also user-friendly and has indicator lights which make it really easy to get started with.

With this one you can enjoy a peaceful, undisrupted sleep all night and enjoy the value it comes with, and that too at such a great price.

This device helps clean all the CPAP accessories like the mask, reservoir as well as the hose pipe and keeps them free from bacteria and viruses.

The best part, you don’t even have to remove any part to make it work. The result is the clean, dried and completely sanitized equipment which almost entirely takes away the possibility of any fungal mold, virus, and bacteria from developing.

The machine can be charged by simply plugging into a cord. You can enjoy a worry free, deep sleep breathing the clean air the CPAP blows.

The sanitizer and cleaner is a must have for all CPAP users. It offers great value and keeps the entire equipment safe from all forms of germs and from being infected by the mold and other viruses. Moreover, it is really easy to use even if you are just a beginner.

Why We Like It
  • Very effective.
  • Easy to use.
  • FDA registered.
  • Comes with indicator lights.

4. XT-FitCPAP Machine

XT-FitCPAP Machine


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This model fits perfectly in the line of the smallest CPAPs. The device is not just affordable, convenient and easy to use, but also very quiet. It works simply upon being plugged into the power source, no need for additional adapters or other power supplies.

You can use a humidifier, purchased separately with the device to get the most out of it. This is a basic CPAP machine, and it just provides a consistent airflow to the patients. It cannot be varied or adjusted as per the varying needs.

However, for those who do not need such variable adjustments, the constant pressure is good enough for them. Usually, the recommended level for setting for the night is the maximum in order to help you breathe with ease all night long. The small size makes it ideal for travel purposes as well.

You can also simply buy two of these and use one at home and keep one for traveling. The simplistic machine can be easily used by first-time users as it does not require any tweaking or settings.

The CPAP machine is basic, low-cost and very compact in size. This feature makes it great for taking along on travels and carrying with you even if you plan a weekend trip. The equipment can easily fit into the camera bag and is ready for use whenever you wish to take a nap.

Why We Like It
  • Very compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Noiseless.

5. SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle with Free Adapter for Respironics DreamStation and System One


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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer makes maintenance and cleaning of your standard CPAP machine a breeze. It can connect with and clean with your Bi-PAP, CPAP, VPAP and even the BPAP machines and get them free from all bacteria and other germs.

It includes an adapter for connecting to the power supply and is backed by the claim to get rid of over 99.9% of the bacteria and germs. It does not make use of any water or chemicals while cleaning, which makes the equipment, including the pipe to stay clean and dry, and prevents the formation of molds.

The device is completely automatic and powers on upon being connected. You simply have to stay back and watch the way it gets things done for you so fast and as effectively as can be. The device doesn’t have to be disassembled or the components of it removed from the main device for cleaning.

Moreover, it is also registered by the FDA and the safety is also established by the lab testing. So, get the fresh, clean air and breathe all night long as desired, by simply following a simple clean up routine for your device.

This machine actually works and gets your device safe and clean with ease. You can just connect it to the CPAP machine and see the way it gets it sparkling clean in no time. It also keeps the equipment dry so that no residue stays on the pipe and it can be cleaned with ease.

Why We Like It
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective.
  • Prevents fungus, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Compact.

6. DreamStation Auto Cpap DSX500T11 with Heated Humidifier & Heated Tubing

DreamStation Auto


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The DreamStation auto CPAP comes with a complete package of accessories. You don't have to buy a separate mask, humidifier or carry case. It also has the climate line and detailed manual with all the instructions to help you to start using it like a pro.

The machine is automatic and adjusts the pressure according to the requirement of the patient. You may, however, set a min and max for it so that it stays within the defined parameters. You can relax, and enjoy a peaceful sleep without having to worry about anything.

Moreover, it is a quality product, it is reliable and long lasting, and you won’t regret buying it. The price may be a bit over the normal prices, but it comes with the humidifier and mask for one, and the quality and looks, all make it worth it.

In the case of any issues, you can always contact the seller or manufacturer, who are there to provide assistance and support. It also has an SD card, for keeping a record of the pattern and requirement. This way and changes and fluctuations can be seen over time, and also be taken to the doctor on your visits.

This auto CPAP comes with a variety of accessories. You can find everything in one place, no need to worry about the right fit, size, and compatibilities. Moreover, the SD card is very helpful for storing the records of the patient.

Why We Like It
  • Comes with the SD card.
  • Quality product.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Automatically adjusts to the requirement.

7. XT-AutoCPAP Machine

XT-AutoCPAP Machine


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Here's another small device, made for traveling with ease. This CPAP machine too is automatic and can adjust to provide the required pressure to the patient, while he/she sleeps. Ideal to cater to sleep variations and other changing lifestyle patterns, as it only provides a higher blow where required and a lower setting where the high pressure is not required.

The cord has to be plugged in the power source, and that's all you need to do to have it started. It weighs less than 2 lbs that make it great for traveling and also can be used with a humidifier which you can purchase separately to prevent dryness and make it more effective while sleeping.

It works on the universal power supply and does not require the use of a separate adapter, which further makes it easier to take it on your trips.

Looks wise too, it looks like a compact and subtle device that can easily be placed anywhere near your side as you get your rest. It also has a display screen, a power button and setting option for the minimum and maximum range.

This compact-sized device is great for traveling or keeping with on all weekend getaways. The size is great and makes it very easy to carry wherever you plan to set out. You just need a power socket and you are good to go.

Why We Like It
  • Light weighed.
  • Auto CPAP.
  • Looks great.

8. XT Machine with Heated Humidiifer

XT Machine with Heated Humidifier


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Another small-sized device, this too is quiet, portable and just required to be plugged in the power source to give you a good night's sleep.

It comes with a heated humidifier that is great for the airways and helps counter dryness that may occur due to the pressured air going in directly through the airways. Without the humidifier, it weighs barely 2 lbs, in fact even less than that. So, if you are a light traveler, you can always leave the humidifier at home and take the device along.

For any queries and issues, the supplier can be reached via phone, on request. This too works quietly without disturbing anyone else in the room. The customer service is very supportive. You can also email them or place a call on request in case of any issues with the device.

Also, the cleaning and maintenance are really easy, the humidifier can be removed with ease as well whenever not required.

The machine is compact, light and comes with a detachable humidifier. You can always leave the humidifier at home if you do not have extra space. No additional adapters or power supplies just needs to be plugged into a socket for use.

Why We Like It
  • Compact.
  • Includes heated humidifier.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Very good customer support.

9. Apex Medical iCH II Auto machine with Built-In Heated Humidifier

Apex-Medical-iCH II-Auto-machine-with-Built-In-Heated-Humidifier


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This auto CPAP can easily adjust to the required pressure level at any time during the night, and also depending on the patient’s requirements. It comes with a tube hose, USB cable, humidifier, an SD card, a carrying case and a detailed manual.

In the case of any queries, you can always write to the manufacturer. They are very supportive and contact you within a day or two at max. The machine is light, portable and small and made for use at home as well as for traveling with ease.

It is very easy to set up and use this auto-CPAP device, just follow the manual and instructions that are included in the package.  It doesn't require much tweaking of the settings by the user, and you can get your sound, worry-free sleep back in no time.

The USB cable and SD card make it easier to connect it to your computer to get the relevant information from the machine. The carrying case too is very helpful during the travels.

This one comes with an array of accessories. It also includes the USB cable that makes it easy to transfer your records and information to your computer. The recorded information can then be accessed by the user as well as doctors, to see the patterns and any fluctuations or changes in the breathing rate during sleep.

Why We Like It
  • Includes the USB cable and SD card.
  • Very supportive customer service staff.
  • Humidifier included.
  • Portable device.

10. AirSense 10 AutoSet with SlimLine tubing

Airsense 10 Autoset With SlimLine Tubing (37207)


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This one comes with the tube, carrying case for traveling and a water chamber. The unique element about this one is the ResMed Slimline tube. It is flexible and very light in weight, unlike the typical standardized 6-foot hoses.

The customer support staff can be reached on the toll-free number and is very supportive for all matters pertaining to the unit. They also accept returns in case of any issues with the hose. The mask that comes with the device is light in weight and also comfortable for the user to place on during the night.

The hose is great and fits the machine with ease and also the mask is quite easy to attach; no more fumbling with the setup, with this.

Although it is priced much higher than the other types you get in the markets, however, it offers more convenience and reliability as compared to other cheaper brands.

The product is a ResMed, which speaks of the quality. Even if available at a higher price, you can be sure about the service and reliability. Since with apnoea, patients cannot take any risks when it comes to reliability, this tube is quite reliable and flexible and offers a great fit for the mask as well as the machine.

Why We Like It
  • Flexible tube.
  • Reliable.
  • Light in weight.
  • Customer support can be reached on the toll-free number.

CPAP Machine Buying Guide

CPAP therapy or Continuous Airway Pressure therapy is one best way to combat OSA. The machine is designed to give you pressurized air that travels from the mouth to the lungs to prevent any sleeping fatalities.

A typical CPAP machine is made up of the three basic constituents.

  1. A hosepipe.
  2. Nasal Mask.
  3. The Device or machine itself.

Travel CPAP machines are compact devices, designed to help people overcome central sleep apnea. These machines come with various features, specifications, benefits, and accessories.

In this guide, we will cover all the basics you need to know before buying one of these devices.

Get a Prescription

First and foremost, you need to get a solid prescription for the device. Whether you are new to apnea or have been using these machines for long, you need a prescription for purchase.

The prescription will have to be sent to the sellers, scanned, or emailed however it suits them. Thereafter your order will be processed and delivered to you. However, today many of the sellers do provide the device without the prescription, so always check and read the complete description before buying.

Basic Kinds of Machines

Normally we just have the three types. There are the CPAP, APAP and Auto CPAP and BiPAP.

  • Basic types – The CPAP Machines

These are very simple and are made to give you a consistent level of pressure through a CPAP mask. This way people who suffer from sleep apnea can easily breathe in and out without any complications.

The simplest or the most basic of the machines in this category too can give you the desired results, without any additional features.

  • BiPAP Machines

The Bi-level machines have two settings for controlling the air pressure. These help in inhaling and exhaling the higher or lower level of pressure by enabling the user’s lungs to stay open. This form of therapy is often more preferred over the common CPAP therapy as it gives you a control over the setting, and so makes it more effective.

  • APAP – Auto CPAP Machines

These are so termed as ‘auto’ as they sense the required pressure level and adjust accordingly. The CPAP therapy is hence more effective and can relieve the patient of the apnea all through the night.

Even if the required level varies over a single night, the machine auto adjusts and also records the settings. This way you can keep a memo of the setting and changing requirements, and such can also be studied and reviewed by the doctor later on.

Key Factors to Consider before Buying a CPAP Machine

Once you get the doctor’s prescription for the CPAP machine therapy, the first step should be to look for the CPAP machines and read up their reviews online. The purchase requires a lot of patience and research. It is never advised to jump to the very first option you get at the medical store or the most convenient outlet.

Here are some factors which will help you make the right choice and bring home a quality product.

  • Price

Since the market for these machines is already expanding, you will find a whole range of prices. It is better to look at the average price of the machines so you can set the budget or inform your insurance company about it.

It is also helpful in staying clear of rip-offs, making a comparison between the different brands and also for getting the most value for your money.

The CPAP machines are not a cheap piece of medical equipment. Affordability may be an issue many people may have to look into when thinking of bringing one home. However, rest assured, often the top names and the renowned brands simply price the machine based on their repute, rather than on the quality and features of the machine.

It is not necessary that a machine that offers the most comfort and reliability to a user is also premium priced. There are lots of brands out in the market today, the simplest may not offer additional features, but may often be comforting, of quality and lower price. You can also look for the older models of a certain model, which may be available at a low price, and have good reviews. This will help you save up and spend wisely on these machines.

  • Maintenance of Records

Many of the machines also memorize the pressure levels, the timings and overall usage of the pressure. This helps maintain a record of the patient over time and also helps the doctors to gauge the effectiveness of the therapy.

While a few of these only record the time it is used, others may take complete notes such as the sinus rhythm, and other essential details. These details can be accessed on the website or the software the device comes with, or be stored in the SD card and also transferred to your computer for use by the doctors as well as patients’ own records.

However, mostly these types of recordings are essential if the doctor of the medical professional recommends it for a certain patient.

  • The Humidifier

Although not a must, but the humidifier helps to make the treatment options more comforting and effective. It helps relieve the warm and humid air, instead of the dry and cold air, so that the patient can be more relaxed and actually let it soothe the airways.

You can use it with all these machines and also turn it off, whenever preferred. Usually, the heated humidifier is the most preferred type by the apnea patients.

  • Warranty

All the machines usually come with a two years manufacturer’s warranty. So, in the case of any issues with the medical equipment, you simply need to make a call and the customer services staff will be there to help you out.

  • Air Pressure

The diagnosis of sleep apnea involves a sleep study by the medical professional. Upon establishment of the disease, usually, the body is subjected to different levels of pressures, to determine the required level. A technician helps determine that level, by checking how the body reacts to the different settings.

This way your machine is set to provide that level consistently so the treatment options can be most effective.

  • Comfort

This is one of the most important factors to look into before starting out with the treatment. Your body has to be at most comfort in order to get the most rest and undisturbed sleep. It may not be easy to find the right travel CPAP machine that is the most comfortable for you.

You will find a variety of machines, made by different manufacturers from all around the world. Then the comfort level too varies per user. So one of the best ways to determine if the machine is right for you, you have to check with the sellers if they offer a trial or rental service for the machine, so you can find the most comforting one with ease.

  • The Manufacturer

These machines are being made by various manufacturers all over the world. The reliability, reviews, and expert recommendations are hence very important to ensure that or are bringing a quality product home.

  • After Sales Support

Almost all the machines offer aftersales services to the clients. Since users may need some help getting these equipped, the best of the companies offer all around after sales support as well as warranties.

So in the case of anything going wrong, you can always contact them and rely on their services. However, again always buy from a good brand of sound repute to get this support. The cheaper versions, will not support you post purchase, and often may prove to be complete rip-offs.

  • Rental Services

Many of the manufacturers offer rental services for these sleep apnea machines. This is one best way to get started on the therapy. It gives you a chance to test and assess the results of each and make an informed decision.

Also if you cannot find a machine that is comfortable enough for you, you can try out these which let you try for a rental amount and return it afterward, after assessing its working and your comfort level.

  • Portability

If you travel frequently and have to take it along with you every time, then portability is one element to consider. If you like you can also affix one sleep apnea machine at home, and buy a smaller, lighter and more compact type for traveling.

Also, carrying the humidifier with you is another important consideration. If the travel trip is short, you may just leave out the humidifier, but if it is longer, and you have space, then the humidifier will give you the most out of your device.

  • Accessories

The CPAP machines also involve the use of the CPAP masks, to enable the air pressure to directly travel to the lungs, and give you the effective treatment for the apnea.

The masks too are available as different types, sizes and offering different levels of comfort to the user. The most popular of the lot is the Nasal pillow mask.

  • Nasal Pillow Mask

When getting the facial mask, it is necessary to look for the flexibility and stability. The best of the nasal pillow masks are found to be flexible to fit the different sized people and also offer adjustments, so it can be made to fit perfectly.

The good quality masks are also more durable and stable so that the user gets the maximum air pressure when wearing them. Comfort too is vital, since you would be wearing the mask for all over the night, it has to fit right and most comfortable.

  • Quality

The quality is also one of the major aspects to look into. You are spending a good amount on these machines, and you also want the least possibility of the device to malfunction and cause trouble. So, get the best quality you can get, even if it costs a few bucks over others, if it is reliable, it is worth it.

The best way to ensure high quality is to buy from a reputable seller. You will find the devices made by the top rated sellers in our article above.

  • Noise

The CPAP machines are generally manufactured to work as noiselessly as can be, to let you sleep in peace. However, you will find that certain are much quieter than others. If you have a good listening ability, you need to check for the sound, so that the sleep remains undisrupted throughout.

  • Power Supply

If you are a frequent traveler, then it’s not just the size of the device you need to worry about. Many of the machines come with adapters with DC power supply and at times even international plugs. However, these may be an issue while traveling to a new place.

However, you can always buy the device that comes with the portable battery that can be replaced or recharged when the need is and can be used wherever you are – even where the electric supply isn’t stable.

  • The Ramp

Many of the devices come with this feature. Most of the basic CPAP machines are designed to blow a consistent level of air to the airways. Since it may take a bit for the body to come to terms to this new adaptation, the ramp comes to the rescue.

It helps to make this change as comfortable as can be or the body and works on the machine to come to a certain pressure level so the body can adapt with ease.

  • Heated Tubing

This is a small coil that when placed inside the tube helps in connecting the machine with the mask, whereby ensuring the temperature stays consistent.

The level of build-up/residue in the tube is minimal as the condensation is reduced and there is no uncomfortable moisture inside the mask.

  • Mask Alert

Another feature the high-level CPAPs include is the mask alert. When the patient is asleep, often in the deeper sleep it gets hard to know if the mask has fallen off. The alert gives off a beeping sound every time the mask is taken off and wakes up the patient to adjust it back on the mouth.

  • Leak Reparation

In case the mask is not the right fit or has a leak, many of the devices have this feature that helps the device to cope with the loss by making it produce more of the air. This way the user always gets the required airflow despite the leakage.

Benefits of the CPAP

  • Regular use increases the quality of life.
  • It helps you stay alerted and active during the day.
  • Also, the mood stays light and lifted, as the patient gets the needed peaceful sleep.
  • It reduces the incidence of headaches and boosts the memory and level of concentration.
  • Also, helps against depression, raised blood pressure, excessive weight gain, and other medical conditions.

Where to Buy the CPAP Machine?

You can easily find these machines at the clinics as well as medical stores. However, if you want convenience, you can find these at the trusted online stores like and order from the convenience of your home.

However, stay away from the cheaper and unreliable sellers, also check for the warranty and aftersales support. Many of the stores also offer complete guidance and the assistance of their in-house therapists that help you with the selection.

You can also get the sleep study conducted at the clinics for a better recommendation, based on your sleep pattern and other technicalities involved. Trials are another way to help you find the best type for your needs.

What is a CPAP machine?

CPAP, at times also called as ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’, is a treatment for Sleep apnea. It works by making use of the low air pressure to make it easier for you to breathe whether you are awake or asleep.

The CPAP comes with a mask for placing it on the nose and mouth, and the air enters the passage through this mask so that breathing troubles can be put to rest. It may take you some time getting used to the device, however, once you do, you will find it most comfortable and find yourself breathing with much ease than ever before.

It also helps prevent snoring, insomnia, and hence, developing a healthy routine.

Do you need a prescription to purchase one?

CPAP machines are prescribed for the treatment of Obstructive sleep apnea. Since it requires a proper diagnosis for the establishment of the level of seriousness of the disease, it does require a medical professional’s recommendation.

CPAP devices fall in class II of medical devices, which means it is not an over the counter machine, nor is it completely high tech, that requires a professional to run it for you. Hence for safety and for enhancing its effectiveness, you may need to have a prescription for it before the purchase.

It also comes with insurance cover, and so requires a prescription for issuance. Plus, for setting the right pressure and adjustments, you need to have a doctor’s recommendation and view about the right device to use and setting. In that case, too, a prescription will be necessary.

How to select the best CPAP machine?

When considering the purchase of the CPAP machine, it is recommended that you should have a slight idea about how it works. The best way to find that out is to borrow or rent one and try it in the proximity of your room. This way you can see the features, get the feel of the machine and hence make an informed decision.

Also, consult your doctor to further work out on the right and recommended type of machine. The cost is another factor to be mindful of when selecting the machine. Do your homework and check out the market prices of the widely used models over a trusted site, like

Stay away from too good to be true offers and rip-offs. Additional features or specifications are other factors you have to look into, such as the humidifier, settings adjustment for pressure levels, etc. for safety you can check for the FDA approval as well. The top rated models usually come with the approval and are safe, durable and quality products you can use with the complete peace of mind.

What are the different types of CPAP machines you can get?

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

These are the simplest of the lot. They work by emitting pressurized air that goes to the lungs and lets you breathe with ease, even during sleep.

Most of these just have one setting for it.

  • Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP)

These are slightly more advanced than the typical CPAP machines. You can choose from two basic settings and derive the best benefit, as suited to your requirements.

There are two settings, the higher and the lower setting for inhaling and exhaling pressures and are often deemed more comfortable and soothing by the users.

  • Auto-adjusting CPAP

These are the most advanced machines. The most distinguishing feature of these is the ability to sense the required pressure level by the user and adjusting automatically to cater to the requirement. So no matter how you sleep, how much you weight or how your routine is, you will find these to be ever-adjusting and comfortable.

Do you need a humidifier with your CPAP machine?

Since the CPAP continuously blows air that travels from the throat to the airways, it could lead to dryness and irritation in the internal linings. The humidifier is an effective means to counter this issue and helps to keep the air moist and soothing.

Many of the latest CPAP machines include the humidifier as part of the package when purchased. Although many people prefer it due to its numerous benefits, there are still a few who wish to avoid it.

The most common reason for not using the humidifier or climate control is the convenience while traveling especially. Since it adds to the load it is usually preferred to simply carry a small device, whereby leaving the humidifier at home. Moreover, it is not as effective in the humid climatic conditions and also not needed by people who have been using the humidifiers for years.

While it is effective for making it easier to breathe and combat several allergies, the humidifier does require maintenance, frequent cleaning and has to be refilled almost every night. So although it is recommended to use for getting the most out of your CPAP machine, it is still not necessary and the CPAP can well do without it as well.

Which One to Go for?

Top Pick

When it comes to buying the CPAP machine for combating sleep apnea, you must look for the best! The Apex Medical XT Auto CPAP machine is automatic, which means that it adjusts pressure automatically, to let them breathe with ease through the night.

It works silently and provides the most comfort to the user. Also, the compact size makes it a portable device to be taken with you on your travels. The quality, durability, and effectiveness of the device surpass the quality level of the other such machines.

So, this one is our top pick amongst all other CPAP devices.

Premium Choice

The XT-AutoCPAP Machine is our premium choice in the list. This one includes a heated humidifier, which adds to the comfort of the user. The pressurized air, when goes directly to the lungs often makes breathing difficult and the airways to go dry.

With the humidifier, all these issues can be avoided. Moreover, it is very small, light and portable, so you can take it with you anywhere you go. The device does not include an adapter or external power source, which makes it more convenient and usable at any hotels etc. you wish to stay the night at. Our premium recommended CPAP machine, is a must have!

Great Value

The SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer offers great value to the user. It includes all the accessories you need with it in the package. No need to look for compatible adapters and other accessories. Plus, it gets the medical equipment free from 99.9%of the bacterial and fungal growths and viruses from the whole of the equipment.

It also comes with the indicator lights that make it easy for use. It is also very safe and backed by the FDA registration. It offers the most value for your money. Very affordable, complete with everything, safe and effective, the device is a must-have for all CPAP users.


Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Those suffering from apnea know how much this basic human need can bug you if you do not get it as required by the body.

These CPAP machines are purely made to make lives easier for apnea patients. Bring home one of these from our selected best types. You will look, feel and live much better with the inclusion of such a small device into your life.

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