What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Tablet Stand?

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There are several benefits to purchasing an adjustable tablet stand for your office or home. A good adjustable tablet stand holder is a very versatile gadget that can not only be used to securely hold tablets, but smartphones, eReaders, and books as well. They’ve become so popular because their ingenious design allows you to use your tablet to browse the web, stay connect, write, read, play games, or stream films wherever you are.

This means that you can use your tablet stand when you’re relaxing in bed, lounging on your couch, standing in your kitchen, or working at your desk. To help you decide if a tablet stand is right for you, let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits associated with using an adjustable tablet stand.


The main selling point of an adjustable tablet stand is that these products allow you to be hands-free when using your tablet or other electronic device. Normally, you need to hold your tablet when you’re using it. This doesn’t sound so bad but there are many times when having to constantly hold your tablet is not only inconvenient, but painful as well. Having to keep a hand glued to your device while multitasking in the office, on the couch, or in the kitchen is difficult.

And relaxing in bed while trying to keep your tablet steady enough so that you can read or watch whatever you’re streaming can cause neck and hand discomfort. But with an adjustable tablet stand, you don’t have to maintain a grip on your device. This relieves the stress and strain on your neck, hands, and wrists that having to grip and look down at your device’s screen can cause.

It also frees up your hands so that you can multitask at work or while cooking. And for those relaxing times, you can enjoy watching a movie or reading a book without worrying about dropping your tablet, straining your neck, or shaking the screen every time that you move.


Most tablet holders are also pretty portable. While there are some rather large models such as floor stands, even these are designed with wheels so that you can move the holder around. And most other styles are even more portable. Desktop tablet stands can usually be folded up so that they can fit in your bag easily. And other lightweight models can be folded up into such a compact size that they can be stowed away in your pocket, making them perfect for extended travel or for your daily commute to work.


Whether you’ve purchased a lightweight, compact tablet stand that can be easily folded up and placed in your pocket for extended travel or on your daily commute, a larger floor stand that can simply be rolled from room to room, or a mountable tablet stand that can be securely fastened to almost any object, these gadgets deliver impressive versatility. Adjustable tablet stands also offer great flexibility thanks to their design. Almost any model out there was designed to allow you to adjust the viewing angle of your device for optimum enjoyment.

You can tilt the screen towards you or away from you, whatever is more comfortable. They also let you easily switch from portrait to landscape viewing so switching from reading a book or browsing the web to streaming a video is incredibly easy. Plus, with so many designs out there, you can use tablet stands in almost any situation. Purchase desktop stands to use on counters, coffee tables, desks, and nightstands.

Floor holders to have your tablet hover over you while you are in bed or in your favorite chair. Buy a gooseneck model that can be clamped onto your headboard, nightstand, or even your kitchen cabinet, and then simply angle the gooseneck head to your desired viewing angle. You can even purchase a pillow tablet stand made from soft, plush foam that is incredibly comfortable to keep resting on your lap or stomach.

What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Tablet Stand?

While you might not think of it, the kitchen is one of the most useful locations for a tablet stand. If you ever followed a recipe from a website, you’ll definitely agree. How many times have you been following a recipe, one hand on a utensil, the other hand covered in ingredients, and had to try to pick up your tablet to find out what the next step was? A tablet stand keeps your device secured, out of the way, and always within arm’s reach.

It’s also a great way to clear up valuable counter space while working in the kitchen. Some models even come with mounting brackets that are easily installed to the underside of your cabinets so you can just slide your holder’s legs into the bracket and follow recipes, stream a show, or listen to music while cooking or hanging out with friends or family in the kitchen.

What are Universal Tablet Stands?

A universal tablet stand is simply a holder that is compatible with almost any electronic device. These models are designed with a way to support various devices such as multiple slots, adjustable straps, or gripping mechanisms.

This versatility ensures that a universal tablet stand can safely support any device measuring from 4” to around 13” in size. This wide compatibility range means that these holders can be used with any iPad, smartphone, tablet, and eReader.

Can you get a Tablet Stand for a Desk?

Tablet stands come in various styles including multi-legged, cushioned, mountable, and floor stands. But one of the most popular styles, for both home and office, is the desktop tablet stand. These models vary in style and construction, allowing you to choose the perfect product based on your price range and needs. There are compact, affordable plastic holder’s which have an almost pyramid-like shape and let you simply place your device in one of several notched grooves in the stand’s base, allowing you to manually adjust screen orientation and viewing angle.

More expensive models are designed from aluminum alloy or other metallic compounds and feature a sleeker design and a finished, modern look. These models typically grasp your device through one of several mechanisms and feature tilting and swivel features that let you adjust your viewing angle and perspective.

The great thing about desktop tablet stands is that they reduce the strain on both your neck and hands since you don’t have to look down at your tablet anymore and you don’t have to hold onto it. Plus, by freeing up your hands, these stands allow you to be more productive whether you are at work or at play.

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